Gunshot Wound to Lower Back

20 y/o male dropped off at ER after GSW to lower back. Team will need to perform primary survey and identify possible free fluid and need for blood. Patient may become hypotensive and the team will need to intubate.

  • Dr Kyla Caners - 2015    
  • Mateo Orrantia -2021   
  • Aug. 23, 2022, 1:39 p.m.   

  • Critical Care, Emergency Medicine, Trauma   
  • Medical Students, Residents, Physicians   
  • Airway Equip., Manakin - LF, Rhythm Box, Other   

  • 5   
  • 40 - 60 Min   
  • Other   

  • PRACTISS Verified   
Gunshot Wound to Lower Back

A 20 y/o male is dropped off at the community emergency department after a gunshot wound to the lower back. His initial vitals will include tachycardia but no hypotension. The team will proceed through the primary survey and identify only one gunshot wound. If the team does not recognize possible free fluid and the need for blood, the patient will become increasingly hypotensive. The team will need to intubate the patient while waiting for medevac to arrive for transfer to a larger centre. 

Goals and Learning Objectives
Technical/Equipment Recommendations 
Supporting Roles and Scripts
 Moulage and Scenario Set-Up
 Printable Supporting Documents (Will also be accessible at relevant Scenario Stage) 

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    Original Author:
Dr. Kyla Caners
    Date: April 2015
    Originally published on: EM Sim Cases 
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    Modified by: Mateo Orrantia