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Free and Open-Access

PRACTISS is made in the spirit of #FOAMed and will always be completely free and open-access to all.


Designed with low-resource and rural areas in mind, PRACTISS requires no special technology or knowledge to use. Scenarios on the platform are also designed to be low-resource and require little technical equipment.


PRACTISS is flexible by nature, meant to be used to cover a variety of topics, professions, and learning experiences beyond just simulations.

Everything You Need. All in one Place.

PRACTISS is designed to give nonexpert and novice facilitators in low-resource areas all the tools they need to deliver effective learning experiences to their peers and learners.

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Our searchable databases has dozens of user-uploaded simulation scenarios, geared towards rural and low-resource areas.


Our snapshots are for shorter looks at interesting clinical scenarios through ECGs, X-rays, Ultrasounds and more! Perfect for 1-on-1 teaching or personal studying.


Other Resources

We're always adding more resources to the platform to help you learn to run simulations in your centre as effectively as possible.

Featured Scenarios and Snapshots

Here at PRACTISS, we like to shed light on some of the best scenarios our users have uploaded to the platform. Check them out below!

Opioid Overdose

Case focused on the identification and initial management of an opiate intoxicated patient.

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Breech Delivery in the ER

A 19-year-old presents to the ER in active labour. Learners will need deliver the baby from breech presentation.

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Beta Blocker Toxicity

44 y/o male presents to ER following ingestion of an entire bottle of metoprolol. Patient declines, requiring multiple management and decontamination strategies.

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Opioid Overdose

Case focused on the identification and initial management of an opiate intoxicated patient.

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Pediatric DKA

8 y/o girl presents with DKA and acute decline in mental status. Will require an advanced airway and optimization of peri-intubation to appropriately ventilate and allow for compensation of metabolic acidosis

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Pediatric Traumatic Brain Injury

18 m/o presents with a head injury following an unwitnessed fall from height. Will develop signs of increasing ICP progressing to herniation (secondary to epidural hematoma).

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