Code White

A woman with known bipolar disorder becomes violent and threatens hospital staff with a knife. Team members will need to address the situation according to hospital policies and best practice guidelines.

  • Eliseo Orrantia    
  • Mateo Orrantia   
  • March 8, 2023, 5:55 p.m.   

  • Communication, Emergency Medicine   
  • Physicians, Nurses, Other   
  • None   

  • 3   
  • 60 Min   
  • Rural Hospital   
Code White

This scenario is meant for hospital staff to practice running a code white in their facility. Designed with the Wilson Memorial General Hospital in mind, it includes policies at that hospital and broader guidelines. It should be modified or edited to suit your facility. 

The woman presents to the hospital lobby yelling out her daughter's name and gets herself into the ER lobby.  When a nuse greets her she is not able to be verbally de-escalated.  When the physician arrives she escalates further swearing and threatening and pulls out a kitchen knife.  She wants to be taken to her daughter.  She is disheveled, highly agitated, and not able to be redirected. Staff will need to work with police to de-escalate the situation. 

Ensure that you have coordinated with the police officers that will be attending the simulation beforehand, and that you are all on the same page in terms of expectations for one another and the procedures to be followed

Goals and Learning Objectives
Technical/Equipment Recommendations
Supporting Roles and Scripts
Moulage and Scenario Set-Up
Printable Supporting Documents (Will also be accessible at relevant Scenario Stage)

Note: While prepping for your simulation, don't forget to prep for the debrief. Become comfortable with your chosen framework, review your objectives. For additional debriefing resources, see our Resources page.

Original Author:
Eliseo Orrantia
Date: March 7 2023