Opioid Overdose

Case focused on the identification and initial management of an opiate intoxicated patient.

  • Dr Tim Chaplin    
  • Mateo Orrantia - 2022   
  • Feb. 9, 2023, 12:17 a.m.   

  • Critical Care, Toxicology   
  • Medical Students, Residents   
  • Airway Equip., BVM, Manakin - LF   

  • 1   
  • 45 Min   
  • Rural Hospital   

  • PRACTISS Verified   
Opioid Overdose

This case involves the identification and initial management of the opiate intoxicated patient. The resident is expected to initiate appropriate supportive measures (ensure working IV, oxygen, monitors) while obtaining a focused history and performing a focused physical exam, which should enable them to identify the opioid overdose. They should call for help due to decreased LOC and hypoxia.

Goals and Learning Objectives
Technical/Equipment Recommendations
Supporting Roles and Scripts
Moulage and Scenario Set-Up
Printable Supporting Documents (Will also be accessible at relevant Scenario Stage)

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Original Author: Tim Chaplin
Date: 2015
Originally published on: emsimcases.com
Most Recent Modification: May 2022
Modified by: Mateo Orrantia